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COLD HEART (Five Star Cengage)

As an undercover drug agent, Stella Lavender works nights, buying drugs from paranoid drug dealers. But the physical danger and necessary betrayals are getting to her. When she sees a chance to work homicide, she’ll always take it.

One afternoon Stella gives a hitchhiking teenager a ride to her babysitting job in a wealthy neighborhood. Horror awaits them—the father lies dead in a pool of blood, and his toddler is missing. The puzzle quickly grows when a dizzying array of suspects provides more questions than answers.

In this darkly delightful page-turner, Stella Lavender rummages through every strata of society in her relentless and unconventional pursuit of a cold-hearted murderer who won’t stop at just one victim.  Read Chapter One of Cold Heart here.

“A North Carolina cop lands her dream job with the Homicide Division only to risk becoming a victim herself…A complex case with a surfeit of red herrings. ” –Kirkus

COLD FEET (Five Star Cengage). Stella Lavender, an SBI undercover drug agent, is pulled into a homicideCOLD FEET, a traditional mystery by Karen Pullen investigation after a wedding goes bad. Real bad.

“Stella Lavender [is] the appealing 26-year-old heroine of Pullen’s absorbing first mystery. Readers will hope to see a lot more of Stella in future installments.” –Publishers Weekly

“The fast pace; multiple plot strands, which work together nicely, and the well-drawn characters, including strong-willed, intelligent Stella, distinguish this promising new series.” –Booklist

“Pullen’s debut introduces an engaging new detective meeting the challenge of her first homicide. I can’t wait to head back to North Carolina and meet up with Stella and Fern again.” –Library Journal

cover, Restless Dreams Restless Dreams, Stories (GusGus Press)

The characters in the nineteen stories that comprise Restless Dreams share a certain resemblance: tired eyes, a slow trudging step, and the distracted air of someone with lots on her mind, some of it unspeakable. But despite sore feet and an aching heart, each yearns for better days, aims for what is right, and makes it all work somehow. She’s a cop, a mom, a saleswoman, nanny, teacher, hairdresser, teen. None have it easy, but they don’t give up their restless dreams of a more perfect life.