Editing, Part 1

I have been editing. Two big projects.

I like editing. For sixteen years I worked for an engineering consulting firm that produced exactly one product: paper. As a manager, I was responsible for my department’s products so I edited the dickens out of working papers and technical reports. We had great secretaries who made sure the formatting and spelling were A+, but the writers were technical types – engineers, economists, PhDs in operations research. They were experts in their field but not – um, how shall I say it – wordsmiths.

Fiction writing is completely different from technical writing, but editing is universal: basic rules of English, organization and flow, clarity, appropriate details, issues of comprehension, helping to turn a rough draft into a polished product that the writer can be proud of.

So now I’m going to put in a plug for one of the books I edited recently: The Resilient Parent:¬†Everyday Wisdom For Life with Your Exceptional Child by Mantu Joshi, to be published by DRT Press in January.

I’ve not met Mantu Joshi, but he must be brilliant, sensitive, honest, and wise. And patient, very patient. I loved this book and was so pleased that I could do my little bit to help it into the world.

Pass the word if you know someone who could use words of encouragement and a fresh perspective on the hardest job in the world: parenting a complicated, behaviorally-challenged, special needs child.

Resilient Parent by Mantu Joshi

And isn’t this cover perfect?




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