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Though I have a twitter account, I’ve been reluctant to get involved with the twitter-world, for four reasons.

1. How much can I say in 140 characters anyway?  Even fewer, when I leave room for URLs and keywords.

2. My twitter stream, on the rare occasions I look at it, is a mish-mosh of symbols, self-promotion, urls, and hashtags.  Is there gold under the dross?

3. I’m uncertain of the etiquette.

4. Do I need another online community to waste time interact with? Email and Facebook, blog posts and newsletters – I am already tired.


This coming Friday, April 12, I’ve been invited to take part in #litchat, a weekly twitter discussion all about books, and my book in particular, from 4 -5 pm.

All my objections have vanished, because the amazing Caroline Burns Bass, creator of litchat, will moderate, and it will be a real conversation.

A really easy way to participate is through TweetChat.

Join me Friday at 4, in #litchat!


April 12, 5: 25 PM UPDATE

Twitter Chat was painless! TweetChat worked like a dream, LitChat moderated like she does it all the time (which she does), and several tweeters showed up to ask great questions. I am officially no longer a twitter novice.








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